Events like the Mental Wheels Tour are vital to society, ensuring interaction and support is readily available for people within their assigned objectives. The ride itself was well organised and managed; ensuring an enjoyable event, whilst helping the charity gain exposure through the communities visited and also the wider digital world
Hamish Mclean  (TEAM RIDER)
I am extremely proud and humbled to have been part of the inaugural Mental Wheels Tour in 2018. I was so very impressed by the achievements of every member of the team who battled through challenging conditions to ride for such a worthy cause. I look forward to supporting in 2019 to ensure the tour continues to grow and provide much needed support for mental health!
Sharon Hill  (SUPPORT TEAM)
Cycling can be a solo sport, or a group sport. It can be trying going it alone, and becomes easier and more productive when shared with friends. The Mental Wheels Tour, for me, reinforced the parallels between cycling and mental health. Men’s Mental Health is more productively dealt with when shared amongst friends. I’ll be back.”
Darren McCullum  (TEAM RIDER)