Our Partners

Mental Wheels Foundation has partnered with leading Research, Clinical and Scholarship partners in order to achieve our vision of improving mental health for all Australians

Research Partner: Macquarie Uni (MQ Health)

A ground breaking research project that was only possible with the joining of forces of the Mental Wheels Tour team in partnership with the Globally recognised research team at Macquarie University (MQ Health). Clinical Trials have begun and will continue to grow in scope as we increase our funding.

This research has the ability to directly influence treatment plans on a gender basis to the degree that has never been seen before. This type of research needs continued funding and support and is the primary focus of the ‘Mental Wheels Tour’ for 2019.” Says Clinton Hill (Tour Co-Founder & Olympic Medallist) 

Clinical Partner: MindSpot

Australia’s first free national online mental health clinic. It provides screening assessments and internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy courses for Australians troubled by stress, worry, anxiety and depression.

“Following life changing circumstances we are often left with the need for a massive and confronting shift in thinking that can be very difficult to manage for a lot of us. These issues led us to to take action and create a Foundation that directly addresses mental health and delve into the ‘why’ question so many of us ask. One of the outcomes from that has been to establish a clinical partner that is accessible to all – MindSpot is an amazing service we all need to know about” Gareth Pike (Foundation Co-Founder)

Scholarship Program:

Mental Wheels Scholarship Programs are designed to support young Australians that have been confronted by a significant life challenge and need support to deliver their true talent.
The Programs cover Sport and Music, both of which play an important role in overcoming mental challenges according to research.

Scholarship Partner Sport:

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)

Scholarship Partner Music:

Big Music