Music Scholarship

Mental Wheels Foundation

The Mental Wheels Foundation Scholarship Programs are designed to support young Australians that have been confronted by a significant life challenge and therefore need support to deliver their true talent.
The Programs cover Sport and Music, which according to research, play an important role in overcoming mental challenges.

The joy and benefits of music are best experienced and demonstrated through group practice, collaboration and performance. Playing music in a band or orchestra could be considered the ‘ultimate team sport’ and the social and emotional benefits are amplified through shared experience.

Mental Wheels Foundation Music Scholarship:

The Mental Wheels Foundation Music Scholarship is run in conjunction with Big Music and is open to all those budding guy and girl musicians who show promise, however, have been confronted with mental health barriers.

Scholarship includes:

  • The scholarship funds support an entire band of music students – i.e. drums, guitars x 2, bass, vocals, keys and these scholarship students are taken on a journey together to form the band.
  • The Program includes 3 hours of group rehearsal time each week for a 15-week period, under the direction of a professional musician / coach.
  • It includes: Rehearsal Facility Hire, PA/Backline for rehearsals, Sound engineering at rehearsals and performances, use of Recording Studio.
  • 1 Industry Recognised Musician that will act as a mentor over the 12 months (Australian based).

To be eligible to apply you need to be:

  • Between the ages of 14 and 19.
  • Someone who has been challenged by a life event that has had a significant effect on your ability to pursue your music goals. You feel this scholarship would enable you to reach your potential.
  • Currently living in Australia.


  • If you believe you are the right fit for the Scholarship, or you know of someone that is, we would love to hear from you.
  • Please email us at – with your nomination and a brief outline of why you believe you are the right recipient for this program (no more than 350 words).
  • Please note – The selection committee needs to ensure that the successful candidates are all at a similar level of musicianship, so that they learn and progress at a similar rate.

Duration of the Scholarship:

  • The Scholarship runs for a 15 week period.

Scholarship Partner: Big Music