Mental Wheels Foundation

Our Vision:

To reduce the suicide rate to ZERO!

Our Mission:

To understand why and how to improve mental health through research; To support the community through accessible clinical programs and Mental Wheel of Life Workshops; To assist individuals with Foundation Scholarships.

Our Actions:

To fund Clinical Trials and Research that deliver results; Promote accessible treatment through MindSpot; Deliver Scholarship programs to support our youth in Sport and Music.

Mental Health Workshops

Why Support?

- Every 6 minutes in Australia a person attempts suicide.

- 8 people a day take their lives.

- The leading cause of death for men in Australia between the ages 15 to 44 is suicide.

- 75% of suicides are men.

- Most of the mental health research and participation in clinical trials is 80% generated by women.

- Not enough is known about why people feel they have no other option than taking their own life, or how to improve mental well-being through daily actions and behaviours.

- Awareness to mental health issues is now high. People need to know what actions to take to improve their mental health.

What do we do?

We fund Clinical Trials and Research: We’ve partnered with the research team at Macquarie University to complete clinical trials that look at the behaviours and activities associated with good emotional well-being and how these can change over time as a result of participating in treatment. Most of the research in this area to date has been with female participants, so our first cohort ensures we have adequate representation of males and females. With this success we are now able to target other cohorts in society where there is a lack of information to better improve their mental well being.

We promote accessible treatment through MindSpot: MindSpot is Australia’s first national online assessment and treatment platform for anxiety and depression. The program has supported more than 100,000 Australians, either by direct engagement or through their healthcare professionals. We believe support and treatment for mental health should be available to every Australian, and that the traditional barriers of stigma, cost and proximity to a healthcare professional can be eliminated.

We deliver Scholarship programs to support our youth in Sport and Music: The Mental Wheels Foundation Scholarship Programs are designed to support young Australian’s that have been confronted by a significant life challenge and need support to deliver their true talent. We have partnered with the Australian Institute of Sport, and Big Music, to develop sport and music scholarship programs, both of which play an important role in overcoming mental health challenges according to research.

We deliver Mental Wheel of Life Workshops: The Mental Wheels Foundation, in conjunction with Macquarie University and MindSpot, have developed a series of Workshops that can be delivered to all organisations to promote positive mental health, mental health awareness and real life tools to better equip those who are struggling with life's challenges.